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About Pre-Pointe Assessments


What are they?
Pre-pointe assessments are detailed assessments conducted by a specialised dance physiotherapist that looks comprehensively at a dance student's alignment, posture, flexibility, strength and control in the body.

Why are they important?
Starting pointe work is an exciting and huge step forward in a dance student's training journey. It is important for both dance students and their caregivers to understand the demands of pointe work, and how to prepare well for it. Unlike dancing in soft canvas/leather shoes, pointe shoes require a lot more strength, balance, control, and stability, not only in the feet, but in the trunk/core, hips, and knees. A certain amount of skeletal maturity is also required before starting pointe work to respect a growing adolescent body. A pre-pointe assessment will ensure that any points of concern, or areas that require further development are picked up and addressed before pointe work begins, so that dance students have the best opportunity to prevent injuries, understand how to care for their bodies, learn exercises that will assist both their dancing technique and bone/joint/muscle development, and remain healthy throughout their dancing years. The assessment day can also be a great time to discuss any niggly pains or previous injuries that are still of concern, so that these can also be addressed.

What are the processes involved?
The assessment will last approximately 60-75 minutes. A report documenting the assessment results with recommendations is written afterwards, and is passed on to your child's ballet teacher.
If the student hasn't already been preparing for pointe work in the studio, exercises will need to be given on the day of the assessment that is tailored to the student to work on, before they are cleared to start pointe work. If needed, students will return for follow up appointments over a period of a few months to prepare them to go on pointe. Follow up appointments are 30minutes long. Exercise equipment usually involves a tennis ball and exercise resistance band, or I will work around what you already have at home.

Are fees rebatable through private health?
Fees will be rebatable via private health if your child has excess coverage. I will provide a receipt after payment has been made, for you to submit to your respective health funds.

How do I make a pre-pointe assessment booking?
You can email Maria at or text 0403475419 to ask any questions, or to arrange an appointment time.

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